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If you have a question, please feel free to leave it here in the comments section. We will get back to you as soon as we can, if it's not already answered in the questions below.

Q: Can I post my completed fic here?
A: No, sorry. There are more than enough communities that are willing to host your fic, link to it or mention it in passing.

Q: So, what do you do here, exactly?
A: This community does exactly what it says on the box. We provide an archive of beta-readers for those who write fan fiction for Torchwood.

Q: Can I advertise my community here?
A: Community advertisements are on a "Mod-approved" basis. Please drop us a line and we'll get back to you.

Q: Can we advertise our Fic-Event/Challenge here?
A: Like a community advertisement, we ask that you let the Mods know beforehand, so we can add it to our Event Calendar. So long as the Fic-event or challenge is relevant to Torchwood, there's not going to be a problem.

Q: No one's answered my request for help yet! What do I do?
A: Please, have a little patience. We understand that you're excited about your fic, but Real Life needs to come first in a lot of situations. Alternatively, you can have a look around our "Beta: Available" tag, and approach one of the betas that are currently available.

Q: I've posted my Beta profile, but no one's contacted me yet, what do I do now?
A: Relax, not everyone feels 100% comfortable approaching someone and asking them if they wouldn't mind beta reading their fic. Alternatively, you can have a look around our "Beta: Request" tag and see if any of the stories and writers there grab your interest.

Q: Do you know when the deadline is for Reel_Torchwood, TWBigBang, Advent Challenge or [Insert Fic-Event Here] is?
A: Certainly do. Please check out our Event Calendar for openings and deadlines.

Q: Uh, the calendar isn't working. What do I do?
A: In the event of calendar malfunction, contact [personal profile] ms_bekahrose and she'll get to fixing it.

Q: The calendar is working great, but... the opening/deadline for [Insert Fic-Event Of Your Choice] isn't marked on it. What do I do?
A: If there's no date marked for a Fic-Event, please contact one of the mods with the information and they will make sure it's posted on the calendar as soon as possible. You can email the mods at twbeta.archives.mods(at)

Q: How do I apply to be a beta?
A: Simply go to This Post and follow the instructions.

Q: How do I request a beta?
A: Simply go to This Post and follow the instructions.

Q: Some of the terminology you folks are using is a little confusing. When you say "Alt Canon" and "Alt Reality"... aren't they the same things?
A: Sure, sometimes they can be, but for the purpose of trying to keep things simple so as not to cause too many headaches, we've created a Glossary of Archive Terms to help us clarify the difference between Alt Universe, Alt Reality and Alt Canon and other things that may make you raise your eyebrow and go, 'Huh?'

Q: Can we please get some more tags?
A: We'll think about it. No, seriously... Contact the Mods with your idea for a tag request and we'll think about it. Keep in mind that we've only got a limited number of tags available to us and while we think it would be great to have every pairing ever thought of listed (Jack/Rhys anybody?), sometimes it's just not possible. However, if there are enough requests for the same kind of tag, we will work new tags into the system.

Q: Are you guys limited to Dream-Width, because I have an LJ and an IJ and a JournalFen account and a Dead-Journal and a... and I really don't need yet another journaling account?
A: You can also find us on LiveJournal - we have a "mirror" there.

Q: I have a community, would you consider being an affiliate?
A: Contact one of the mods and we'd be happy to discuss it.

Q: Can you show me how to use an LJ-cut properly and some basic html for when posting my fic/requests because the Rich Text Editor seems to hate me?
A: Sure can, check out our "HTML Cheat-Sheet" for a quick and dirty lesson on how to beat html coding into submission ;).


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